Georgia MBA adds area of emphasis in financial technology

Full-Time MBA students at the University of Georgia now have the option to bolster their résumés with an academic area of emphasis in the rapidly growing field of financial technology, or fintech. The fintech sector focuses on the use of technology to facilitate everyday financial transactions....

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A higher calling: How brands can compete on social purpose

Do you like your cleaning products to be eco-friendly? Your shoes supportive of workers' rights? Companies are increasingly using their good deeds to identify and differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and new research from the University of Georgia explains how and why it works. In a new...

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Anticipated social media buzz can drive tourism

How much positive feedback travelers think they'll get on social media can predict whether they intend to visit a tourism destination, a new University of Georgia study has found. The research on "social return," or the number of likes, shares, comments and overall positive feedback travelers...

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